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Media professionals haven't changed, but the world in which we work most definitely has. It's not about reinventing ourselves, but rather repackaging skills to remain competitive -- a reality is leveraging to provide media professionals with a portal to showcase their talents and skill sets for print and online projects.


Rodie Public Relations

The Rodie Company
 Robin Rodie Vitols

The Rodie Company offers clients customized, public relations and marketing consulting services that make a real difference in corporate image and the bottom line.

Specializing in the commercial real estate industry, Robin Rodie Vitols has navigated the real estate cycles of 25 years in the metro Phoenix marketplace, representing some of the most prestigious real estate firms and more innovative players in the field. Clients include developers, brokerage firms, architects and contractors. In addition, she has served professionals in the legal, accounting and financial services industries.

The Rodie Company offers a full menu of services to its clients. The firm customizes each campaign to meet the individual needs of the client and the project at hand.


The Rodie Company prides itself on results. We are not a firm based on hype. Rather, we believe in finely targeted campaigns comprised of integrity, honesty, creativity and clearly established goals. We become part of the client's team, focused on both short-term and long-term outcomes.


If you ask anyone in the commercial real estate industry about results, they will tell you it's all about the DEAL. If you can get the project built, leased and/or sold, the goal has been achieved. The Rodie Company understands those defined goals, but also maintains a vision of long-term image and overall branding of its clients' work.

Results for The Rodie Company are reflected in the loyalty and longevity of its clients. The Rodie Company served as the longest standing outside public relations vendor nationwide for Cushman & Wakefield. Many other clients have worked with Robin Rodie Vitols for more than 10 years.

When it comes to commercial real estate, few public relations professionals in the metro Phoenix area understand the industry as well and offer the same level of expertise and success in the field.